A second post for me

A second post for me

This plugin allows you to add a customisable biography to posts, to RSS feeds, to pages, to archives and to each post on your blog’s landing page as well as via a widget in your sidebar. It integrates out of the box with the information that can be provided in each user’s profile and supports custom post types. Display of the Biography Box can be hidden on a global or per user basis for posts, pages and custom post types as well as on a per category basis.

Settings and options include:

  1. Choose when to display a Biography Box; on the front page, in archives, on individual posts, pages, or any other custom post type and in RSS feeds.
  2. Choose the border style and background colour of the Biography Box

About melanie j cook

Multi media artist and website junkie. That’s what my business cards say – but it doesn’t mean that I design media-rich websites. What it does mean is I use all kinds of everything in my art. My definition of art is very broad – The earth is a canvas. Go create. I love to create. I see my whole life as a canvas, and I’m always seeing things I want to make……

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