dust team logo
dust team logo, concentric circles of dots, by melanie j cook

DUST (Down Under Street Team) is a group of Australian Artists, Craftspeople and Artisans who support Etsy and wish to promote independent Hand-crafted Goods here in Australia and worldwide. Australia is full of talented designers and Artisans and we wish to support each other by drawing attention to the diverse range of Art and Handicrafts available here in Australia.

OUR VALUES are Community; Mentorship; Team-Building; Family; Seller Development.

WE EXIST to promote and support excellence in handmade craft and artistry in Australia and to the world audience while providing a close community that befriends and supports each other and share skills.

And a couple of quotes from our Team Leaders:

Starry N Raston: Last year I had the opportunity to be extensively interviewed by someone researching Etsy teams, and she kept asking me “if you’re in competition with each other to make sales why do people help each other”. For me it comes down to the simple principle that when we help each other the overall prestige and impressiveness of not only our products, but the service and total experience of shopping with Australian handmade sellers on Etsy is elevated and that is good for everyone. We all enhance the reputation and value of Australian stores on Etsy.

Melanie Cook: We’re not in competition with each other – we all make our own unique things, so why not help each other?

Starry N Raston: Yeah its a total outsider attitude to say we are all in competition with each other.

Who can Join?

Dust is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We are a locality and seller ‘Street Team’ and as such the requirements of membership are:

To be an ACTIVE ETSY SELLER LIVING IN AUSTRALIA and selling your own HAND MADE goods, and be over 18 years of age. Active is defined as having some things for sale in your Etsy shop.

The official tag for the DUST team is ‘dust team’. Please tag your items so that we can find and promote them.

DUST expects all members to produce original work and respect copyright.